Developing Cluu Applications Part 3 is out!

Develop your first Cluu application in the 3rd part of my video series.

Dear Cluu enthusiasts,

I'm excited to announce that the third video of my "Developing Cluu Applications" series is now available on YouTube! In this video, we'll be developing our first application, and in the spirit of Easter, the app will be about managing deliveries by Easter Corp.

We'll start by creating an application model and defining its classes and properties. Then, we'll display the data within Cluu, allowing you to see how easy it is to build and interact with apps on this platform.

Whether you're new to Cluu or an experienced user, this video is a great opportunity to learn more about building powerful applications quickly and easily. So grab some Easter candy and join me as we dive into the world of Cluu app development!

You can watch the video here:

Best regards,